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Advance course of Judicial Services Exam Preparations includes curriculum of Judicial Services Exam Preparations with extended assistance and personal guidance in Mains Exam (with written exam series) and Mock Interviews (Particularly for the students who have completed their Law course). For taking this course you need to follow some rules.

Duration – (11 + 01) months
Guidance & Personal Support – 12 months
Fees – ₹ 54,000/- including GST.


This course is specially designed for the students of Law who wants to make Judicial Services as their career, it is not only about the teaching of subjects of laws rather this course is the full time mentorship of the experienced faculty who will mentor you in depth and will seek the result on daily basis to improve the consistency in the study of the aspirant with strict rules. Personal guidance with senior faculties will be provided.

Duration – 8 months
Guidance & Material support – 8 months
Fees – ₹ 44,000/- including GST.


Legal Foundation Course is a subject wise course, which covers all the important laws of India mostly those which comes in the use of daily life, it provides a complete idea of Judicial Services Exam Preparations along with other Legal Departmental Examinations and more importantly preparation strategies, and it also makes a non law student/Businessman/Entrepreneur or a layman aware of their rights, provide a knowledge of law in a very simple &understanding language. Legal Foundation Course with notes, fee including GST for Major Subject is ₹ 4,999/- per subject and for Minor Subject including GST is ₹2,999/-
The course curriculum will be provided only after making the full payment.

APO exam

In this 120 working days course, one who wants to become Assistant Prosecutor Officer can join. This course provides particular training and skill development in Advocacy and the relevant subjects will be taught within depth. It includes Exam Test Series and translation practices along with mock interviews. Personal Guidance of senior mentors will be provided.

Personal Guidance & Material Support – 120 Days

Fees – ₹ 25,400/- including GST

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