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Welcome to Lemontakode e-Learning Platform (adigital law academy)! I am happy to welcome you inyour aptly chosen learning destination and ourplatform community. The primary objective of our institution is to evolve andendow pervasive and interdisciplinary legal educationthat is socially relevant. Through this online learningeducation platform, we aim to promote legal andethical values and nourish the rule of law and theobjectives enshrined in the Constitution of India. Ourplatform unfolds legal knowledge and its scope innational development, so that the energy to observeand present contemporary issues of public concernand their legal implications for the benefit of thepublic is improved. These processes strive to promotelegal awareness in the community and to achievepolitical, social and economic justice.I invite all the individual out there to join ourinstitution in the name of justice and truth so thatwe should promote the spirit of the constitutiontogether.LEMONTAKODE e-Learning Platform is a Digital Law Acdemy for Judicial Services Exams Preparationsalong with other important courses offered at our education & training institute. The vision behind theendeavor was, and has been, to provide genuine support to the aspirants preparing for the competitiveexams and those who wants to become a successful member in the competing society. The institute offersonline live classes at the location of the student with instant doubt clearing which feels like a physical andoffline classroom, means your classroom is now at your own place and in your hand, so join from anywhere.Our motive is not just to teach and complete the syllabus; rather we have a far vision to produce as manyas successful aspirants as morally and humanly possible. We are not only aimed to make the studentscompeting the exam or to build an empire without humanity and social responsibility but we also aimed toinstall the human values and compassion into our candidates and make them good human beings.

Mr. Waquar Iqbal
Director of Legal Studies at Lemontakode

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