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Dear Aspirants, Warm Greetings to you! Education is not limited to the information of particular subjects but it encircle the aspects which are more than the knowledge. A human without education is mere an ordinary creature, but when he acquires knowledge then he becomes the optimum divine creation. Champ in politics, diplomacy, academia, arts, sports, emotions, attitudes, creativity, nature and life itself is the exaction of this era. And the society we have developed today, demands the one who is deft in all these areas, and his eventuality of success sprinkles the world. Lemontakode Digital Law Academy with the said system of discipline began it’s journey with the aim to resurrect the knowledge of logic and deliver it to the aspirants in the name of truth and justice. The one who chooses path of these two terms never bow down in front of the evil. To achieve a positive goal, in the ocean of competition, one may face savage of waves, but with the untiring attempts and consistent poetic attitude, an aspirant can touch the crest of success. As a part of this institution, my sole desire is to nourish the aspirants and all other individuals connected thereto with the spirit of TRUTH, JUSTICE AND GOOD CONSCIENCE. I do not want to left any stone of struggle unturned with the hands of knowledge. Today Lemontakode is one of the fastest growing digital law academy of the country because of the high standards it has set for itself in providing excellent guidance, support, education and living up to its institutional motto “Think Success Think Lemontakode”. I give all my blessings to the Lemontakode, to the team, aspirants, parents and all those associated with this Institution. I pray to the lord of the universe, in His divine benevolence, continues to lead and guide this prestigious Institution for generations to come.

With warm regards,
Alvi Faizal Raza
Author | Entrepreneur | CEO Lemontakode Media
(Founder of Lemontakode e-Learning Platform)

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Madhuban Nagar,
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