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Sessions are suitable for both employees and students.Weekends sessions will be in day time weekday’s sessions will be after 6:30pm or as per the course curriculum.

After taking the course you need only one device either it is laptop or mobile and an internet connection on it, you will be connected to the mentor personally on the online conferencing through a particular web portal.

Legal Foundation Course

Law says if you do not know the Law it is your fault even you are not a lawyer, you cannot say before any authority that you were not aware of the law, authorities presumes everyone aware of the law, you should have to know about the law under which you are living.

If you know driving then you are under the Motor Vehicle & Road Transport  laws, law is easy as easy is driving anyone can understand it. It is necessary now to have knowledge of law.

Sessions held after 06:30PM and working professionals can attend the sessions easily, Law is necessary for every organization and business, a business owner deals with various conditions like agreements, contracts and other similar aspects therefore to avoid any legal liability, fraud, misrepresentation and cheating you must know the law.

Students study under the educational institutions and that too govern by the Law, it will help you to understand the rules, regulations, policies and nature related to your particular course also. For example you are an MBA student you must know the business laws like Company Law, Taxation Law and Contract & Agreements laws etc.

No, you cannot become a legal advisor but you will have the knowledge equivalent to a legal advisor after the course.

Judicial Services Exams Preparations

Subjects provided in the syllabus of state(s) judiciary will be covered with strategic guidance and consistency.

We have two courses in Judicial Services Exam Preparations, It is up to you which course is suitable for your convenience, and this course will be beneficial for your semester examinations and you will surely learn your LL.B. course within 8 months rest period in LL.B. can be used for preparations purposes.

The study material will be provided to all the students through a particular digital medium in the soft form (e.g. PDF/DOC. Files) which will be given after taking the course.

It is a complete PCS (J) Exam preparation course originally designed for the students who have completed their Law course and want to make Judicial Services as their career. It includes full time guidance and personal support of senior mentors, Judgment writing sessions, translation practices, written exam test series with scoring system and printed notes assistance.

* Special Sessions of Senior Panel in Mock Interviews for mains qualified aspirants.

In between the classes, our visiting Judges will mentor you and will deeply guide you about the preparation strategies.

After completion of every subject we will conduct written exam along with marking format. This will improve the knowledge to command on that particular subject with consistency.

Concepts actually becomes clear only when there is use of mother language, but in the present scenario people used to speak & understand mix languages, we also prefer easy and understandable combination of Hindi & English.

APO course is designed for the aspirant who wants to become government prosecutor. All strategy, study pattern & methods of Judicial Services Exams Preparations Course will be followed in APO course.

Absolutely yes, our courses are in both Hindi & English languages.

Business Development & Entrepreneurship

People have idea of business and also have a business but their idea of business either never land in the reality or the business do not grows therefore there is a need of a business developer who knows the strategies to grow the business and how to start a particular business, particularly a business developer pinch clients for a company. Before starting a business one must learn about the business strategies and its running process all in particular.

It is a mentorship programme for those who wants to start their business and grow it and for those also who have already in a business and want to grow their business.

Yes, Business development is a worldwide service, business developers can have their clients from all over the world, and in this present scenario every business need a business developer to develop and grow the business. A business developer can earn millions in a month by taking a single project from a company.

Business owner depends upon the lawyers and Chartered Accountants to plan the business establishment and also they do not have awareness about the penny legal compliances of government taxes and the marketing strategies, they do not know the strategies to pinch the clients from all over the world, if a business owner will be aware of these important things then he will not be ditched by the company personnel or employees.