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Digital education comes with tremendous possibilities both in terms of accessibility and quality. As the use of smartphones and the internet are constantly increasing, online learning methods are gaining more popularity. Breaking the traditional frames of learning Traditional models of education dictate the frames of learning such as time and place. For instance, the majority of academic activities happen in the bricks-and mortar confines of a school within a stipulated 8–10 hours of a day. E learning does away with such frames enabling students to learn anywhere, anytime. Similarly, while books were once the chief source of learning, aiding only the visual learners, the EdTech sector has opened up a whole new world with the introduction of multimedia content, including immersive experiences such as augmented and virtual realities to cater to all kinds of learners. Digital infrastructure – A cost-effective method An important advantage of technology is that it can provide better solutions at a lower cost. For example, the money spent on a printed book can be used to publish five odd digital books, also students have not to leave their own home city to pursue education, it subtract the expense of hostel rooms, dining and travel. Incorporating digital infrastructure in the classroom canthus greatly expand the knowledge of learners while keeping expenses at a minimum. Introduction of digital infrastructure in educational institutions In the rapidly changing academic scenario, it is imperative to keep technology as an ally for any institution’s academic as well as administrative development. Today, Education Technology is an inseparable thread woven throughout the processes of teaching and learning. Technological advancements are gradually transforming education and making quality education accessible for all. Thus, we must focus on which ways it can be deployed best to support the myriad educational process in a cost-effective way.

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